RE-wine is a modular, multi-purpose wine carrying case by Taiwanese company Miniwiz, the design team behind such recycled PET products as the EcoArk and Polli-Brick. But that’s not all RE-wine does. While it serves as gift packaging, your favorite oenophiles can use it long after they drink the wine you give them – as a modern light fixture. That’s right, RE-wine comes with a light socket so you can turn it into a lamp shade, or even use an empty wine bottle as a stand for a desk lamp! And if you think that’s already more purposes than you can count on one hand, get this: RE-wine is structural, meaning you can build a wall or even a storage rack out of it. Each case can be interlocked and stacked like building blocks to suit individual needs. Want to see it in action? Head to the Taipei World Design Expo from October 22nd to the 30th to see a series of RE-wines used as a modular partition wall.

+ Miniwiz