The new year is a time to look towards the future while reflecting upon the past, and we love how the cherished tradition of making resolutions can focus the present towards a brighter tomorrow. Now that we’ve shared our Editor’s New Year’s Resolutions with you, we’d love to hear your resolutions for 2009! In fact, to encourage you to share with us, we’re holding a New Year’s Resolution contest. Simply leave a comment below with your green New Year’s resolution and we’ll be awarding a super soft organic cotton Inhabitat t-shirt of your choice to our favorite response!

The past week has offered an excellent opportunity to reflect upon all of the extraordinary developments of the past year, and now that we’ve entered 2009 we’d love to hear your resolutions for the next year. Whether you’re saving energy, greening your commute, conserving water, or reducing household waste, say it loud and proud for the chance to win a fabulous Inhabitat t-shirt of your choice!