New York-based architect Andrea Salvini‘s latest project is a lush green, mixed-use residential development on nearly 12 acres in the province of Caserta, Italy. Called simply “The Sustainable Neighborhood”, the design and site plan directly reflect the needs of this tightly knit community in which environmental regulations are becoming increasingly important. We particularly love the neighborhood’s verdant living walls, which were inspired by French botanist Patrick Blanc‘s designs and Jean Nouvel’s Musae du Quai Branly in Paris.

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Thirteen buildings are planned to be constructed on the site, while preserving existing public amenities and green areas. Commercial and retail spaces on the ground floors of each building would enhance the social life of the residents, creating opportunities for interaction based on shopping and business.

Salvini also included innovative sun-louver shades on each balcony giving tenants the ability to regulate sunlight (and therefore heat) inside their apartments, as the region’s temperatures can become swelteringly hot during summer months.