We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw these wild images of a real-life version of the balloon-lofted house from the Pixar animated film UP on My Modern Met this morning. The house was launched from an air field east of LA by the National Geographic Channelto break theworld recordfor the largest flight of balloons in a cluster. The amazing craft reached an altitude of 10,000 feet before gently returning to earth. Click past the break to see why and  how they did it.

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The launch was filmed for a series on the National Geographic Channel called How Hard It Can Be? By the looks of it the lofty idea appears pretty straightforward (but we wouldn’t dare call it easy). All you need to do is take a 16 by 16 foot house, tether 300 8 foot diameter weather balloons to the 18 foot tall roof and let ‘er go! Behold the power of theballoon!

The experimentwas the result of dedicated work by engineers, scientists, and two experienced balloon pilots.  The hour long trip took place on March 5th on a calm bright morning. Kids, please do not attempt this at home– or in this case, with your home.

+ National Geographic Channel

Via My Modern Met

Photos © National Geographic