The Deadline to enter the REBURBIA Design Contest is FRIDAY – July 31st!

If you’ve been reading Inhabitat this summer, by now hopefully you have heard about our REBURBIA contest. If you are interested in entering the design contest for a chance to win fortune and fame – the deadline is TOMORROW!

Anyone who has been watching the subprime mortgage meltdown take over sprawling suburban communities while greenhouse gas emissions continue to accelerate would say that the future of suburbia looks bleak. That’s why we want to remind you about our REBURBIA contest to re-imagine the suburbs, and encourage you to GET YOUR ENTRIES IN TODAY!

If you’re looking for a fun summer project and the chance to win fame and fortune while doing the world a favor then enter our REBURBIA competition to redesign our suburbs! Encircling every major city is an inefficient expanse of suburbia hallmarked by tract housing, strip malls, and miles and miles of roads, and we’re calling for you to infuse these blighted blocks of concrete with green purpose and shape for them a sustainable future! We’re looking for inspired, thought provoking, and funny entries, so whether it’s a suburb eating robot or a Wallmart converted into an ecotopia, this is your chance to straighten the ‘burbs out and set things right!