As the population of EV owners begins to grow, California-based software and service company Recargo is conducting research into their driving habits. Last week, the firm released “PlugInsights“, a 40-page report that draws insights from more than two percent of American EV owners.

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Committed to help the EV industry flourish, Recargo continues to investigate issues surrounding plug-in cars from charging habits to vehicle range. For their latest report, the company aggregated data from over 3,700 survey participants. The PlugInsights survey covered topics that included questions addressing charging infrastructure, utility rates, workplace charging, and charging speed.

They found that there is a great desire to expand the availability of Level 3 stations for fast charging. Most drivers do not take trips longer than 93 miles in fear of losing time waiting for a Level 2 charging station mid-journey. The Recargo study also examined the difference in the charging behavior between the drivers of every breed of EV.

Recargo hopes that their study will assist in the expansion of the EV market. Their report is available for purchase on their official website.

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