This everything-proof doomsday condo takes disaster-proof design to the umpteenth degree. Showcased in the latest issue of Popular Science, the ‘luxury’ underground condo is located in a reclaimed bunker near Barstow, California. Those who are inclined can pay to stay in the Cold War-era facility when the poop hits the fan. Call it an extreme bunker makeover — the facility will be able to house 135 people for a year and can survive, well just about anything.

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Behind a 3,000 lbs blast door is a 20,000 square-foot series of rooms. The bunker was built by AT&T for their communications equipment, and much of the 60’s-era gear is still intact. Upgrades provide access to 21st century needs, like a movie theater. Each occupant gets a bunk and 100 square feet of space. The rest of the complex hosts a range of facilities including medical services, entertainment, restrooms, kitchens, and equipment — everything required for a town underground.

The bunker is one in a series being developed by the company Vivos near many major metropolitan areas. The facility will also store DNA, seeds, and other samples to help revive the planet after a catastrophic event. The $3.5 million retrofit is underway, and already half the spaces are sold. Calling to mind the apocalyptic musings of Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Stangelove, the founder of the company Robert Vicino asks “don’t you want to be one of the guys re-populating the Earth?”

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