Much2Much is a playful and engaging line of jewelry fashioned from recycled knick-knacks by Russian designer Katya Bochavar. Combining such disparate objects as pieces of chandeliers, plumbing bolts and joints, coins from all over the world, bullets, broken watches, Soviet military pins and Salvation Army ties, Katya integrates these thrift shop findings into beautiful necklaces, earrings and pins that each tell a unique story.

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Calling her style “bourgeois punk”, Katya’s fabulously creative line of jewelry mixes DIY eclecticism with refined elegance to create a unique aesthetic which reflects the cultural symbols that shaped her. Having been born in the USSR, Katya enjoys refurbishing old soviet military pins and playing with the symbols of the fallen regime. Reclaimed Chinese Maoist military items get the same treatment from Katya to create must-have necklaces and pins.

Much2Much is not only for the ladies… Men can find funky ties and kids go crazy about wearable toys.

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