Design company RG Furniture creates modern furniture from reclaimed antique lumber. All their designs: tables, seating, lighting and shelving, combine an antique wood aesthetic with simple modernist lines. The best part about the RG Furniture’s designs is the story behind the wood: all the lumber is reclaimed from historic buildings under demolition in New York City. RG Furniture does custom design to fit any space in addition to the standard designs they offer on their website. Galus Halasz, one of the companies founding partners, says:

We are as concerned with ecological preservation as we are committed to attractive design. We use lumber already extracted from forests in order to preserve our natural resources. ?Green Building? supports environmental restoration, and gives new growth timber time to mature.

Environmentally friendly & stylish too? RG Furniture is fabulous in every way. I only wish this stuff was cheaper, so I could buy it for myself. The big items like shelves and tables run anywhere from $3000 ? $6000, which isn’t exactly a steal. I know labor and design is expensive, but the lumber itself has got to be relatively cheap, right? Think of the little people, RG. Partner with IKEA and do some mass-produced versions, why don’t you, so we can all own a little bit of a historic demolished NYC building.