As the world’s climate changes and natural disasters increase in frequency, versatile and quick-to-deploy emergency shelters can mean the difference between life and death for displaced populations. Seeking to provide for this need, Recovery Huts offers a line of instant shelters that can be set up in 30 minutes by a single person. Each shelter can be delivered in 4 stackable sections that weigh no more than 60 pounds each, and if the 85 sq. ft footprint of each hut is not enough for a household, extender sections enable an entire community of huts to be interconnected.

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Recovery Huts are made of a Biax material that is fully recyclable. The translucent material lets daylight in, while an accompanying solar shade shields the house from the sun when necessary. Recovery Huts are designed in accordance with international guidelines for emergency shelters.

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Unlike tents, which are commonplace on disaster sites, Recovery Hut resist moisture and mildew as well as UV damage. The versatile housing units are durable, long-lasting, can be sanitized for reuse once taken down, and are light enough for a single person to carry.

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