Our friends over at MioCulture, whose Bendant light recently rocked several design blogs, have brought the world recyclable 3-dimensional modular wallpaper. Their V2 wallpaper ? which stretches the definition of wallpaper ? is actually a series of ?tiles,? which can be placed in any pattern desired by the installer. The appearance is two tiles paired together; one has a protrusion of the pattern, the other has an indentation of the pattern.

There are four standard colors ? orange, chartreuse, white, and craft paper brown. But the magic lies in the fact that you can paint or patina these little beauties to cater to your own superior design tastes. Evidently the product is sturdy enough that a temporary adhesive can be used (for those with unforgiving landlords) so that the wallpaper can be removed at a later date for reuse on another wall or surface. Best of all, if one gets damaged, just scrape it off, throw the piece in the nearest paper recycling bin, and pop up another in its place. The tiles come in boxes of twelve so you can cover as little as 12 square feet. Prices are available on the website.

MioCulture also has another line of 3d wallpaper called ?FLOW,? however we are partial to V2?s fabulous ?retro-mod? look.

+ MioCulture