Design firm Tham & Videgård recently won first place in a design competition hosted by the town of Järfälla, Sweden for this intriguing spiraling tower. The Double Helix tower will be used as an observation deck in the Järfälla. From it, residents of the town will be able to view progress on the Barkarbystaden urban development project as it unfolds just west of Stockholm.

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The tower features double stairs that allow different groups of visitors to move up and down without interruption. Painted in two shades of red paint, the double helix tower is easily visible from afar, creating a new landmark destination for a growing city.

Designed to be constructed out of wood, the tower will be dismantled at the summit of Barkabystaden’s projected 25 year development program. Then, the materials will be recycled in an urban recreational park for both children and adults. It isn’t certain when construction will begin, but watch this space for news!

+ Tham & Videgård