Keilhauer has been on a mission to create sustainable work furniture that is fully recyclable. Now, they are launching a their Epix Collection that is made of felt. The 100% recyclable PET felt model of the Epix chair is now configurable with a seat pad for long-lasting comfort and utility.

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A showroom with a long rectangle table with a gray hanging lamp, three chairs set around it and a white shelf filled with folders on the different rows

Keilhauer’s Epix line is a modern streamlined set of office furniture or home designed for sustainable offices. A collection of tables, seating and storage solutions can be configured for solo offices or collaboration spaces.

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A gray highchair with black legs

The line has won a Red Dot Award in 2022, the Good Design Award from Chicago Athenaeum and more. A set of open tables and shelves can be hooked together in a variety of configurations to create conference tables, library or office furniture or home storage. The chairs that match with the collections are on rollers with a low profile and rounded form. Now, they come with more padding for extra comfort.

A black swivel chair with black handlebars

Furthermore, what’s cool about Keilhauer is that third party certifications ensure their commitment to both sustainability and worker wellness. Their products are certified SCS Indoor Advantage Gold and BIFMA Level 2, which are certifications for indoor air quality and furniture sustainability.

A gray chair with white handlebars and legs

For example, the Epix 76270 chair breaks down those certifications and additionally lists the recycled and recyclable content of the product. It is made up of 36.24% recycled materials, and 68.72% of the product can be recycled at the end of its lifecycle. The manufacturer even has a guide on how to break down the chairs for recycling to ensure that happens. The recycled materials were sourced with LEED BPDO Sourcing of Raw Materials Certification.

A black chair with four wooden legs

That’s all a lot to keep track of, but it tells you the level of attention the designers are paying to making sure their full line of products are sustainable and comfortable to use. The felt line of chairs run about $980 apiece and complement most office décor.

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