A great way to recycle used bottles is to chop them in half and give them new life as other forms of kitchenware. These Mint Tumblers were once the lower halves of wine, water and soda bottles. Now they are a supercute set of glasses which will impress all who enter your kitchen.

These babies can be yours for $40 from Uncommon Goods

Via Treehugger

This idea is so simple and clever, you wonder why more housewares companies haven’t jumped on it… These must be so cheap to produce once you have the machines set up. I mean seriously: you get the bottles for free – you clean and sanitize them – you slice the tops off – you polish the edges. Presto! How hard can it be?

There are actually quite a few small stores and green organizations selling these recycled glass tumblers, but unfortunately, most have really cheesy “eco” aesthetics such as an embossed images of flowers or the earth – which mars the simple beauty of the glass. The mint dots are the first cute “designed” version I’ve seen of these, aside from Tord Boontje’s Transglass collection.

I’m looking forward to a day when you will be able to find recycled glass tumblers in simple designs (ie. no pattern) in any major cheapo housewares store (hint hint IKEA).