One of our favorite entries from this year’s Greener Gadgets Design Competition is Francesco Biasci’s Cardboard Computer Case, which aims to ameliorate the perpetual problem of consumer e-waste. Built from the ground up with recycled cardboard, the case offers a simple, chic and customizable alternative to metal computer cases that must be disposed of every two to five years.

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E-waste is an omnipresent problem in the electronics industry, where product sales are driven by planned obsolescence, and the constant cycling of gadgets every 2-4 years results in an incredible toll on both natural resources and landfill space.

Rather than introducing recycling programs to counter the aftermath of these cycles, Biasci’s design approaches the problem of e-waste head-on by calling for a computer case made from recycled and easily recyclable materials. The Cardboard Case comes complete with case panels, spots for cable connectors and ports, and interior slots for holding computer components. It is also easily customizable, offering a fun added incentive to consumers.

The Greener Gadgets Design Competition has JUST announced the 50 finalists on a public voting website that seeks reader participation. We’re going to use your votes to help determine the top ten designs to take to the Greener Gadgets Conference, to compete live on stage for $5000 in prize money. Check it out and weigh in today! Whats your favorite Greener Gadget?


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