Looking to make an eco statement in your entry closet? Why not try these super-chic clothes and coat hangers made out of recycled chair backs. Designed by Antonello Fusè, the Abitudini series of recycled chair hangers, takes playful old chairs and transforms them into sturdy hangers that look so good that you’ll hate to close your closet door.

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Antonello Fusè takes old chairs, cuts them down to size, and then inserts a metal hook — voilá, you have a hangar. These would be perfect for heavier articles of clothes like coats, and the hangar with horizontal bars would be good for pants or scarves.

The hangars are currently on sale at Resign for 10€ to 15€ each, and if you’re interested simply email [email protected] to find out how to buy. If you’re really crafty though, you’ll be hitting the garage sales this weekend for old chairs that would serve a splendid new life as a hangar.

+ 10 to 15€ at Resign

Via GreenMuze