Next time you chow down on Chinese take-out, consider this: billions of single-use chopsticks are consumed annually. It takes an estimated 25 million trees and bamboo plants to support this resource waste. So what to do about the vast amounts of chopsticks headed for landfill?

Bryan Parks, an American who lived in China for several years, had a revelation about this while eating lunch with single-use chopsticks. He decided to start a company to recycle used chopsticks and turn them into decorative household products. After extensive R & D, including a developing a unique process for reclaiming and thoroughly sanitizing chopsticks, Kwytza Kraft was born.

Kwytza Kraft makes a variety of different home accessories all made from recycled sanitized chopstick. While I personally find some of them cute: such as these table lamps and placemats, some of the curvy designs I find a little too busy. I wish some of these hanging and standing lamps were a bit more minimalist and straight. Either way, the idea is just so fabulous that you gotta hand it to Bryan Parks.

You can purchase these recycled chopstick products directly from Kwytza Kraft or from

Thanks to Ryan for the tip!