Talk about re-cycling! This simple and elegant alternative Christmas tree in Bermondsey Square, London is made out of 35 wheels from old bikes, and has been delighting passers-by with its unconventional looks. Designed by Sarah Wigglesworth Architects, the tree is a very fitting symbol of sustainability on a worldwide scale – especially since the wheels making up the design are borrowed from U.K. charity Re-Cycle which collects recyclable bike parts to restore old bicycles and ships them to Africa to be used for transportation by local people and health workers fighting the AIDS epidemic.

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David Roberts, deputy chief executive of igloo, the developers who commissioned the recycled tree said: “The Bermondsey Square tree not only looks great; it can be used year after year. It is designed so that it can be dismantled and stored. The bike wheels will be returned to Re-Cycle and will be used to recondition bikes for distribution to Africa. We also hope its presence in the Square will contribute to a number of measures we are taking to actively encourage cycling in London. A big thank you to the team involved who generously gave their time and to all those who donated parts.

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Via Architect’s Journal