I’ve just recently moved into a place that was gut-renovated, and the prospect of being able to choose my own flooring has got me thinking about the wide range of possibilities out there. There are so many different choices of hardwood flooring, and it’s not hard to find a floor material that is beautiful, economical and eco-friendly. Instead of destroying the rainforest with exotic wood flooring, why not get reclaimed wood instead? It is usually higher quality than most new hardwood, it has more character, and most importantly – it will make you feel good knowing that you are saving trees.

Ecotimber is one of a handful of companies offering a wide variety of reclaimed and responsibly harvested flooring, timbers and millwork. Another company to check out is Pioneer Millworks. The milling company collects wood from fallen trees and old buildings, such as abandoned factories, warehouses and bridges. When you purchase wood from Pioneer Millworks, the company can tell you the exact history of the wood, whether it’s from an old Buster Brown shoe factory in Missouri, or abandoned Air Force base in Canada. Knowing the unique history behind your hardwood floor makes it much more interesting. Visible evidence of the wood’s history, such as nail holes and streaking, give reclaimed timber a rustic aesthetic – which is a great compliment to both modern and antique decor.

According to Ecotimber, people who know wood understand that the best quality wood comes from old-growth trees. Old-growth timber is harder, denser, and more stable than wood from young trees. It also tends to have fewer knots and structural defects. However, old-growth timber usually comes from ancient forests-a precious and threatened resource. Reclaiming wood provides the benefits of old-growth timber without the environmental costs. Vast quantities of old-growth lumber can be found in warehouses, buildings, bridges, tanks, and other structures that await deconstruction and reuse.

Wood products can also be carefully salvaged from urban areas. Every year, for example, a huge number of trees are removed from city streets, backyards, and parks due to disease, storm damage, and other causes. The majority of this wood winds up in landfills, but a growing percentage is being diverted as people discover this overlooked resource, which includes top grades of both unique and common hardwoods and softwoods.


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