Dusty old furnishings often receive a second life with fresh upholstery and a new coat of paint, but rarely do we have the patience or skill to repurpose parts and fashion an entirely new piece of furniture. Jamie Ward, a design student in Manchester, England, takes cast off chairs and tables, deconstructs them, and rebuilds them into exceptional examples of functional art.

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The art of building furniture from discarded or second-hand goods is currently seeing an exciting resurgence, with designers like Karen Ryan, who repurposes bits of salvaged furniture to make her Custom Made collection, and Skate Study House, which uses second hand skate board products to make functional modern furniture and accessories.

Jamie’s eco-friendly pieces are contemporary with a vintage feel, and are completely handmade. All the original furniture comes from discarded or second-hand furniture in and around Manchester. Jamie takes an artistic approach when customizing these pieces as each is one of a kind and they’re never built the same. Contact Jamie directly on his website for sales enquiries.

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