Who would ever guess that a flat bicycle tire could lead to design innovation? After getting a flat tire on the way to his recycling job, designer took the deflated inner tube and used it to hang speakers on his living room wall. From there, the design juices started flowing, and in 1991, Graham founded Resource Revival, a design collective dedicated to creating distinctive pieces out of used parts. Resource revival effectively recycles thousands of pounds of discarded parts a year – all while producing fabulous designs.

One of Resource Revival’s best selling pieces, the Hybrid Wall clock is a combination of used bicycle chain rings together with mirror-like disks taken from discarded computers. At 7″ in diameter, the clock makes an interesting timepiece and runs on a single AA battery.

+ $28 from Uncommon Goods
+ $29.95 from Resource Revival

Resource Revival‘s mission is to create innovative products from recycled materials, to provide meaningful, living wage jobs, and to have fun. We envision a sustainable future where commerce flourishes in a world powered by renewable energy, and where consumers are conscious of the origin of the products they buy.

Tables starting at $189.00

Tea Light Candle Holders: 2 for $24.95 or 4 for $48.00

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