Give your jam sessions some vintage coolness, by plucking your strings with these recycled record guitar picks. Handcut from disused vinyl records, the glossy black picks still bear the banded grooves of the tunes they once played. Each guitar pick is meticulously sanded down to ensure perfect strumming for every chord.

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Thanks to collectors and enthusiasts, vinyl records are making a comeback. But there are still scores of old records haunting second hand shops, scratched and rendered unplayable due to years of neglect after being abandoned for CDs. What better way to pay tribute to the music of the past, while honoring their reemergence in the present?

Records have been recycled into iPhone cases, DIY bowls, and even jewelry, with their nostalgic black gloss and engraved songs adding pattern to the new objects they are transformed into. Yet, none of these transformations pay homage to their original use of sharing music. That’s what sets this project apart; the recycled guitar picks return disused records back to their roots — the realm of music.

Each set comes with six recycled record guitar picks that are cut into shape by hand. What’s more, the vinyl produces a crisper sound than traditional nylon picks.

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