The Empire State Building, the Sphinx, even the Great Wall of China will, one day, be nothing but memories and a few remnants of what once was. The true legacy of the human race is plastic. It has found its way to every corner of the globe and it is floating in huge patches on the ocean water.

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A claw scooping ocean waste and depositing it on a boat

LightArt has found a way to change that legacy of dumping unbiodegradable trash all over the planet into one that’s a bit nobler. This is the Ocean Coil Collection, a stunning set of light fixtures made from ocean and nearshore plastic. Two different colors of plastic were combined to create Marina, a beautiful material that looks like sea glass.

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Six green hanging lamps in varying sizes and shapes

Marina is joined by Sea Foam and Seagrass, two other color options. All materials are made from reclaimed ocean plastic. The fixtures were created with 3D printing technology, which has made its way into more and more industries, including home design.

“Utilizing recycled materials in 3D printing technology is new for lighting manufacturing, especially at a mass scale,” said the company. “Our team recognized that material types change how products are made, and introducing a new material like Marina required this level of reengineering.”

Two pale yellow lamps hanging over a wooden shelf

LightArt partnered with Oceanworks, a company that specializes in retrieving plastic from the ocean. LightArt’s mission focuses on people, product and planet. The company focuses on reducing the negative impact of people on the planet, something that many more companies ought to do.

Scientists estimate that in 2010 alone, eight million metric tons of plastic found its way into the oceans. More and more plastic finds its way into ocean waters every single year.

A green lamp hanging over a circular table with three chairs

This company is leading the way by flipping one of the ugly legacies of the human race and using it to create something beautiful and positive. LightArt is literally lighting the way to a brighter future for the planet.

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