It never ceases to surprise us that much of good, sustainable design is also deliciously fun. Take Debbie Wijskamp’s paperpulp cabinets, for instance. They are what their name implies: drawers and shelves made out of pureed paper mache. And while I want to write sophisticated sentences with phrases like ‘materials reuse’ and ‘resource conservation,’ I just can’t help thinking about how glorious it must be, in a third-grade sort of way, to mash paper into furniture. Wijskamp’s process validates these daydreams.

You can watch as the designer churns gobs of glorious goo in a bucket, then shapes it into molds in this video. The dried cabinet pieces fit together like a puzzle, which she then glues and caulks into a solid mass. The resulting cabinetry looks like it was made from igloos, cookies, styrofoam, rice cakes, or snow — depending on what you played with as a kid.

The stacked pulp was recently on display in Eindhoven as part of the designhuis exhibition “Talent 2009” for Dutch Design Week. That’s all well and good, but my question is: will there be paper pulp fights? I’m ready to fight other grown-up children in the name of sustainability.

+ Debbie Wijskamp

Via Designboom