Recently there was some public outcry against the continued practice of mass home delivery of unsolicited phone books. With communication almost totally computerized, phone books are good for about two things: makeshift booster seats and doorstops. Neither of these options brings much redemption to a useless load of paper. Happily a women’s cooperative in the Phillipines has found a way to coax function and style out of obselete phone books. These Lenore Tote bags are handwoven with recycled phonebook pages, with such care and artistry that they would be fabulously cute even without the added value of social and environmental responsibility.

The bags are the perfect size for beach-bumming or farmer’s market shopping.
Style with conscience. Does it get any better than this?

Check them out at Hip&Zen, where you can find a whole host of fair-trade, eco-friendly products to outfit yourself for the dwindling days of summer.

On sale now for $60 each.