As we transition from winter to spring here in NYC, there is no doubt that we all are looking for signs of sparkly renewal and regeneration. Our Spring Greening Contest is certainly one way that we are sprucing up our abodes and the clutter in our lives by making things fresh and new again. One of the most impressive submissions we received for our DIY design contest was this eco sparkly recycled plastic jewelry by Kumvana Gomani. This innovative Swedish designer has found a a great way to turn recycled soda and water bottles into snowflakes and crystallized leaves that radiate green chic bling.

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Nature and ice-patterns are definitely the inspiration for Kumvana Gomani’s designs, but we love that she looked no further than the trash in her kitchen to find resourceful ways to green her environs and personal style. The designer cleans, cuts, and then snips the washed plastic material into tiny snow flakes and leaf shapes that are then drilled with holes for their loops, hooks, or necklace chains. It is pretty amazing that everyday plastics can be transformed into delicate looking glass. It’s a greening process that looks and feels like alchemy and mindful craft magic.

At this moment, Kumvana is now running a VERY CLOSE second place in our Spring Greening Design Competition. If you love her work, vote her up now! Polls close Tuesday, so there are 3 days left to vote! SPRING GREENING DESIGN CONTEST >

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