It’s time for another HauteGreen sneak peak, and this time we’d like to bring to you the fabulous RD4 chairby Richard G. Liddle and Sarah Blood from UK based Cohda designs. This truly eye-popping chair, made from 100% waste plastic, can only be described as a unique sketch brought to life.

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HauteGreen gets closer everyday, and we are excited to feature innovative and stylish products such as this one. Each individual RD4 Chair is handmade and unique in its particular hand-woven design. The ‘RD’ in the name of the chair stands for roughly drawn, an expression of the gesture and from from which the chair takes shape. Furthermore, because of the flexibility of the plastic, the chair can flex to accommodate the occupant comfortably. And, as if the really cool concept and the hand woven manufacturing hasn’t made it interesting enough, the chair uses only 100% recycled plastic waste, with the chair’s colors coming from the material itself, without the need for extra additives.

You may think that you have seen something similar here at Inhabitat, and you would be correct. We had previously shown an earlier version of the chair called, appropriately enough, the RD3 here at Inhabitat, so it’s great that they have continued exploring and improving this design, and decided to bring it to the United States for the HauteGreenshow at NYC.

The RD4 chairis just one of many of the green design products and projects that will be showcased at the HauteGREEN show coming up in less than a week in New York. Stay tuned for more sneak peaks, and start the countdown to the HauteGreen exhibitionand Inhabitat-produced “Reclaiming Design” panel.