U.K.-based Gomi first entered the design realm when it released the world’s first portable Bluetooth speaker made from plastic waste in 2018. The company sources its raw materials from plastic that would otherwise be sent to landfills or be incinerated, working alongside small businesses, global corporations and recycling plants. Now, Gomi is introducing a new product — wireless chargers made from recycled plastic waste.

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marbled blue wireless charger on blue background

With its portable speaker, Gomi took troublesome items such as single-use plastic bags and bubble wrap, using the natural color variation between materials to create a marbled pattern that was unique to each device. Shortly after, the company released a portable charger handmade from plastic waste that used reclaimed batteries from old electronics (such as damaged electric scooters and bikes).

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iPhone 11 on wireless charger
black and white marbled wireless charger on black background

The Gomi wireless chargers take the same sustainable style a step further with 15W fast-charging capabilities that are twice as fast as regular lightning cables. The chargers combine a polished, laser-engraved aluminum plate with 100% recycled plastic waste that would otherwise go to landfill.

Apple AirPods charging on marbled wireless charger
black and white marbled wireless charger on white background

Compatible with all wireless charging-enabled devices, these chargers even work with the newest Apple iPhone 12 model’s Magsafe charging technology. Simply plug the charger into any USB-C wall plug, and it will magnetically attach onto the back of the phone. If your phone doesn’t have magnetic charging abilities but still has wireless charging capabilities, it still works. At just under $50 (£35), it just doesn’t get any better than that.

black and white marbled wireless charger on black background
pastel marbled wireless charger on white background

Like all of Gomi’s products, the handmade Wireless Mag Chargers come with an automatic lifetime warranty that helps keep them out of landfills. Gomi promises lifetime repairs and also offers buy-back credits for devices at the end of their lives, so that the company can recycle components into a newer generation of products. According to Gomi, the chargers are being released in limited quantities and are only available online through its website.

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