In his project RE:cover, Exhibited this week at the Milan Furniture Fair, Fredrik Färg takes the idea of timeless fashion and applies it to furniture to give old chairs a new and glamorous life. Färg purchases old chairs from flea markets, restores them to their original condition, and then fits a new “textile dress/structure” to the frame. His work is classy, elegant and recycled!

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The material that Färg uses is 100% recyclable polyester felt that is tailored to the chairs, creating a unique yet graceful appearance. The details and design of the upholstery reflect what one would see on a fine suit or dinner jacket, which is where Färg found his inspiration for the collection. RE: cover is described as “Slow Fashion,” based on the idea that trend will never out-live classic style, even in furniture. Using this principle, Färg has given a renewed and fashionable life to these chairs.

+ Fredrik Farg