Floating garbage has found its calling in these incredible sea creature robots hand-crafted by marine scientist and educator Masamichi Hayashi. Assembled using recycled items including plastic bottles, food containers, styrofoam, raincoats, and motors removed from windshield wipers, these realistic marine robo-dwellers are used in free shows to teach children about the movements and behavior of sea animals.

Hayashi is a self-taught roboticist and president of kyg-lab, a marine education establishment, and his extensive knowledge of marine life is made evident in over 100 robotic creatures that he has created. Kids crowd around pools containing these aquatic critters, and are allowed to observe and touch the miniature great white and hammerhead sharks, porpoise, manta ray, green turtle, killer whale, and Japanese giant salamander as they paddle by.

The bionic creatures can also be found in more natural habitats, during demonstrations in which a turtle and a lake monster retrieve buoyant refuse and cart it back to shore.

+ kyg Lab

Via Telegraph.co.uk and Pink Tentacle