The third piece in today’s tryptic from Grand Idea Studio is the seasonally-appropriate Recycled Steel Pipe Menorah (or Candelabra if you want to be secular about it). Made from recycled galvanized steel pipes, the menorah has a raw, industrial appearance.

Originally the pipe fittings left space for candles (as in the image above left), but the designers later added nine steel pipes that act as candles. The hollows are filled with paraffin and fitted with a short wick, making them easily reusable. The individual steel candles can be unscrewed from the menorah for use as individual stems, or on Hannukah, when the outer candles are lit with the center one. This is a fabulous reuse of industrial components, tying an ancient tradition to a contemporary style.

Like the rest of the items we showcased today from Grand Idea, this is not yet for sale, but it’s great for getting some DIY ideas, and maybe at some point will be available for purchase.