No animals were poached, bred, killed or otherwise harmed in the making of Kromatorium, a blinding collection of bones and beasts. The new series of eco-friendly art was created by Swiss-born Los Angeles-based artist and designer Andrea Kitts.  To create these striking sculptures, Kitts takes antlers and other osteological materials and by-products, all foraged or found, and casts them in metal made from recycled SUV rims to create one-of-a-kind art objets for the urban collector. If you are interested in seeing her pieces in person, make your way up to Torrance this weekend and check out the Flag Stop Art event. More info on the show and the series after the jump…

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Andrea Kitts design, recycled SUV rims, sustainable art

Kitts found the original Mule Deer antlers on a hiking trip in the woods of Montana.  After enjoying them as found objects for several months, she decided she wanted to combine the beautiful natural forms with the sleekness of modern technology.  The antlers are sand-cast in aluminum salvaged from old SUV rims, and then polished to a luxurious finish at a local foundry that recycles old car parts for their casting materials.  The antlers range in size from 15″ to 24″ long.  The length of the antlers, which shed and regrow annualy, tells the approximate age and size of the animal.  Sold in sets, these striking sculptures could literally be an Expedition, re-imagined by an artist and re-shaped by nature.

Kromatorium will be on display as part of the Flag Stop Art, an alternative contemporary art event, September 3 and 4 in Torrance.

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