Artist Brandon Jan Blommaert has stunned us with his virtual trash sculptures. In a gorgeous series of images, junk-crafted megafauna roam the mountaintops and landscapes of our planet, picking fights, searching for food, and striking poses in front of sunsets. Further proof that green design rules the planet, we say.

eco art, brandon jan blommaert, recycled art, junkcraft, photoshop art

Inspired by Godzilla, Blommaert created the sculptures from trash he scavenged himself. He placed the sculptures on fantasy backgrounds using Photoshop, creating a series of public artworks for a large recycling center in Edmonton, Alberta. “I think this piece encompasses the contradictions that come with the current green movement, ” says the artist.  “At this point we can try to change our habits, but we are more likely going to have to live with the mess we have created.”

It feels a little like The Matrix: somehow, the remnants of human folly have self-organized and now tower over us in a very sci-fi-horror sort of way. Dark as the images are, they instill a kind of hazy hope: that if we do have to stew in our own ecological aftermath, it could be visually breathtaking.

+ Brandon Jan Blommaert