When it rains, it pours. It seems that whenever I notice something I really like (such as Tord Boontje & Emma Woffenden’s recycled glass designs), all of a sudden I start seeing similar things everywhere I look. When I picked up a copy of Dwell magazine last week, I saw another recycled-wine-bottle design project by designer Jerry Kott.

Jerry Kott collects old wine bottles and slices them into different pieces to make new designs, similar to Boontje’s Transglass. The difference is that where the Transglass designs rely on the polished edges and hollow spaces of the sliced shapes, Kott’s designs involve piecing the severed bottles back together to create new hybrid forms. Kott is also a one-man “artist-designer-maker” shop ? so no Guatemalan women are involved! All artifacts are handmade by the designer.