As you know, we don’t usually focus on the design of small-item products like toiletries ? but I thought this merited an exception. Recycline is a company that makes small plastic items (razors, toothbrushes, and tableware) out of recycled post-consumer polypropylene. They have set up a partnership with Stonyfield Farm to collect old yogurt containers and recycle them back into their household products. The Preserve product line incorporates about 65% post-consumer yogurt cups and 35% polypropylene from other sources, but all the plastic used by Recycline is 100% recycled.

The partnership between Recycline and Stonyfield Farms is solidly eco-friendly as well. Stonyfield Farm is one of the healthier, more socially progressive yogurt manufacturers. They don’t use animal products to create meaty non-vegetarian yogurt (like Dannon & Yoplait), and all the milk they use is organic and rBGH-free. So even vegetarians can feel good about about using the Preserverecycled-plastic products.

We especially like the Recycline line of reusable plastic plates and cutlery. Unlike most plastic plates, they are meant to be reused, and are even dishwasher safe.

You can read more about Recycline’s recycling and manufacturing process here >

Thanks Avik!