Looking for some eco-funked out fashion that retains that urban vibe? Enter Goodone, an award-winning London based sustainable clothing collection…”with an edge”. Designing one-off clothing made from hand-picked, locally-sourced and recycled fabrics Goodone is a fashion company aiming to redefine UK public perceptions of recycled clothing. The thrifty and talented designers from Goodone are moving mountains by reducing mountains of waste fabric for a new take on fast fashion and resourceful hipness.

goodone fashion

Re-working waste, be it dead stock or faulty garments from 6 top charities – Amnesty, WWF, Liberty, Green Peace, Shelter and No Sweat – Goodone prides themselves on an ability to recreate fashionable clothing from other folks discards. (More than 1 million tons of textile waste ends up in landfills annually, half of which is reusable).

In 2007, the ethical fashion label, founded by Brighton University graduates Nin Castle and Phoebe Emerson, was awarded the 2007 Trefor Campbell Enterprise Award from the RSA Design Directions programme. Goodone also offers a successful consultancy service, working with existing brands and retailers to rework their own waste.

Currently all Goodone clothing is designed and handmade in their East London studio and stocked in boutiques across London, Manchester and Glasgow. Their new online shop just launched in July. It’s good news that Goodone is using creative tailoring and bold design innovation to find new use for garments with a revitalized graphic edge.

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