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Users of Reddit, the popular link-sharing website, are considering leaving the virtual world to come together and create their own self-sufficient utopia. Several thousand Redditors are now subscribed to a subreddit called “Reddit Island.” The page (along with its corresponding website, chat room, wiki, and blog) reveals a plan to purchase a small tropical island and populate it with a diverse collection of Reddit nerds. Currently, the most promising locations appear to be Chile, Fiji or Vanuatu, however, since this is Reddit we’re talking about, new suggestions are always welcome.

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Although the idea might sound like something from the pages of science fiction, it appears to be a serious one. Browsing the pages of the subreddit, one can find passionately articulated ideas about what the community will look like, how it will be organized, who will live there, and what such an intentional living environment can accomplish.

Most importantly, the Redditors seemed to be focused on self-sufficiency, which means building their own shelter, generating their own electricity, and growing their own food. “Reddit Island is a dream,” said a twenty-something Israeli individual who plans to be among the first wave of settlers. “It’s going to be filled by very high-tech people, with the possibility of creating a new society or a new culture.” He told Gawkerthat once on the island, he’d like to experiment with aquaponics, a form of agriculture that’s a cross between tending an aquarium and raising a terrarium. Reddit Islanders also intend for their first living structures to be made from sustainable materials. On the wiki, suggestions range from cob/straw-bale houses to shipping containers and yurts.

Perhaps the most difficult challenge for the real world Reddit community will be finding access to their beloved internet. It is perhaps the total willingness to go without this resource for an undetermined period—yet Reddit users not using the internet—that makes it possible that their endeavor might be successful. According to the Wiki, supporters would like to have an island selected before the end of 2013. If you’d like to read more about Reddit Island check out the Reddit Island Project.

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