Most hobbits seem to be the stay-at-hole types – but there are a few who yearn for adventure. Redditor Samm1t has built an amazing hobbit hole camping trailer to take all the comforts of home with him as he embarks on his travels. Starting from scratch, the whole trailer took two months cost a little over $2,000 to construct. The 46″x78″, 4′ tall camper features a lovely round door, a faux grass roof, LED light bulbs, and a removable mattress – and it even has custom cabinetry and a spice rack.

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Samm1t ‘s hobbit trailer is equipped with a skylight over its half circular frame that holds a full-sized RV fan to keep its interior nice and cool. The exterior is sealed to keep out the elements, and it sports a flower holder to add a bit of charm and color. Initially, he considered a teardrop shape, but the current design is light and aerodynamic enough to be pulled behind a truck with ease. He expects that it will be able to handle at least 55mph. A camp stove and storage allows for meals to be made out of the back hatch, keeping campers happy and full until elevenses.

To take a look at his progress, wander on over to samm1t’s Imgur photostream!

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Images via Samm1t.