Redstr / Collective is a cutely named Brooklyn design company with even cuter furniture. We especially love their Cha Plyboo series. Yes, we know the names are little loopy, but the furniture is so pretty, efficient, and sustainable that you just can’t argue with it. Redstr claims that their motivation in this design was to offer a “elegant table solution at an affordable price that was very eco-friendly.” I think they’ve hit the mark with this one.

Plyboo is an eco-friendly product manufactured from hand-harvested bamboo, and the designers have created the piece in such a way that there is very little material waste when the table is cut. The construction is basic slot-together pieces that can be assembled or disassembled in minutes for easy storage and shipping.

The Plyboo line is available at The Future Perfect (Brooklyn NY), Show (Los Angeles, CA), and Matter (Brooklyn NY).

Redstr / Collective is headed by long-time collaborators Alex Valich and Christine Warren. When asked about their design philosophy, Valich and Warren sound like revolutionaries looking to usurp power from the old school. “We sample, abstract, and re-contextualize everyday materials, objects, and philosophies into objects and spaces for a new century lifestyle,” states Valich. “Should modern furniture and industrial design continue to be the same mid-century rehashes we’ve seen since, well, the mid-century? We don’t think so.”

(PET Abuse Chalices & Strikes Back Chandelier)

Just this statement alone makes me love Redstr. Fortunately, their eclectic collection of furniture supports this playfully radical philosophy. Each piece is striking on its own, and also compelling in a totally contextual way. I am really taken with the collective’s crocheted gold “Strikes Back Chandelier”. I also love the playful PET Abuse “Chalices” made from old recycled PET bottles. I could do a whole essay on each of Redstr’s pieces – but I’ll save that for the next post. Until then, check out the collective’s website for more Redstr love:

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