Bathtubs are places for relaxation, and here’s a new interpretation- turn your tub into a sofa! This clever design by Max McMurdo breathes life into an antique fixture, and turns what was headed for landfill into a smart, provocative, and comfy conversation starter. Founded by UK product designer Max McMurdo, Reestore is a line of green products based on the recycling of old home products. Taking everyday waste objects and turning them into charming yet functional pieces of furniture and accessories, Reestore attempts to “avoid traditional eco materials in favor of contemporary finishes, fabrics, and, above all, style.”

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Back in September, Inhabitat featured Reestore’s “Max” chair in our coverage of London’s [Re]design Chair Exhibition.

Max graduated in product design and visualisation in 2000 from Bournemouth University. After a few misguided years as an automotive stylist in Cologne and a design teacher, he found his eco-calling and founded Reestore in 2003, working from a garden shed in the English county of Bedfordshire. With the Dragons behind Max and the Reestore project now, this is definitely an eco-designer to keep your eyes on.

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