Though guilt is a common and effective remedy for changing wasteful behavior, it’s certainly nobody’s favorite. In order for sustainable ideas to catch on, they need to be pleasurable and desirable. Not many products consist of equal parts ecological responsibility and innovative design, but Re:Form has struck the balance. Their Energy Curtain is a window shade woven with solar-collecting and light-emitting materials that store sunlight during the day and emit it at night. By choosing how much sunlight to collect and how much to use, the curtain “acts to stimulate reflection on the trade-offs of a local, sustainable system and [help the user] evolve a relationship with their own energy behaviors over time.”

Re:Form is one of several research studios under the umbrella of Sweden’s Interactive Institute. The studio explores new technologies such as smart home interiors and interactive textiles for fashion. Prototypes from their current project, Static! are being exhibited in part at Future Design Days beginning today in Stockholm. Static! (which includes the Energy Curtain) is a design research project that uses interactive design to increase awareness of energy consumption. There are a number of other products in this collection that are as unprecedented in their technology as they are in their ability to make ecological consciousness decidedly cool. Be sure to take a look.

+ Re:Form

+ Static!