Earlier this week, Regen wowed us with their sleek, modular iPhone charger. Now the electronics company is back again with another impressive Apple-related product: the Reverb, an eye-catching 3-foot tall iPod dock that blasts out the equivalent of 60 watts of sound from a conventional speaker. And best of all, it’s solar-powered.

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The dock, which also features a backlit LCD display, charges completely after 20 hours of direct sunlight outdoors or 40 hours of direct sunlight indoors. That juices up the Reverb enough to play 4.5 hours of music at ear-splitting volume or 12 hours at normal volume level. No need to set the Reverb out in the sun for 20 hours to play music at a reasonable level, though — three hours of outdoor sunlight provides enough power for three hours of music at normal volume. The Reverb can also charge via a regular electrical outlet.

Regen’s mammoth iPod dock will be available in April 2010 for the ultra-steep price of $2,229. If you’re looking for a cheaper solar-powered option, the ReNu modular solar panel and a regular Regen iPod dock cost just $249 combined.

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Via Gizmag