Dutch architect and interior designer, Reinier de Jong’s ‘STEEL’ folding chair, is not made from the hard, resilient alloy as its name proclaims, but from reclaimed old broom handles, stained and weather-beaten over the years by elbow grease and hard-working hands (the word ‘steel’ actually means ‘stick’ or ‘handle’ in Dutch). Launched at Imm Cologne in January this year, the chairs reveal a unique, almost antiquated color and texture with the worn patina revealing tangible traces of its humble past. This is openly offset by the crispness of clean, fresh new wood right at the parts where the handles of the brooms are cut.

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The result is a chair that seems to engender an almost poetic spark; physically embodying a treasury of old, untold stories from owners of broomsticks past and is incredibly typical of Reinier de Jong, who relishes in portraying ordinary, mundane everyday objects in a very unique light.

If you fancy immortalizing your trusty old broom in a piece of practical, usable art, you can donate the handles or flagpoles to de Jong for the creation of further STEEL chairs. And, for every wooden handle or stick you give him, de Jong will donate 1 Euro to charity.

A new version of the STEEL chair, made from new wooden handles and painted in non-toxic water based white, will be presented at Salone del Mobile in Milan this week at Ponti c/o, Opificio 31, Via Tortona 31.

+ Reinier de Jong