The Swiss design duo Fulguro doesn’t want you to waste a drop of precious rainwater for your plants, your yard, or your home. Their easy-to-use reLEAF rain collector consists of a folded thermo lacquered aluminum sheet that mimics the design of plant leaves but aids in the collection of extra rainwater that might otherwise trickle away. reLEAF can be inserted into flower pots or watering cans as a means to direct water or provide relief in the absorption of additional moisture that nurtures potted plants.

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Fulguro studio is the collaboration between Cédric Decroux and Yves Fidalgo, Lausanne-based designers who teamed up in 2002 to work on product design, interior architecture, and graphic design projects. Their recent focus has been on designs and devices that highlight the connections that we need to foster between water and plant life in modern dwellings. Fulguro is currently exhibiting reLEAF in the ‘Belle Vue exhibition of Young Swiss Designers’ at Vienna Design Week(s). Whether reLEAF’s design seems essential or not, we like the attention that it draws to water as a valuable resource in the cycle of conservation-minded household management.

The sculptural reLEAFinsert measures approximately 50cm x 40cm x 30 cm, and for now, comes in blue alone.

+ Fulguro Design Studio + Vienna Design Week(s) October 3 – 21, 2007