It’s a heart-dropping feeling: you come back to the pole where you left your brand new bike and all you see is a dangling, clipped chain. Even as biking grows in popularity as a form of green transportation, worries about bicycle theft and vandalism still prevent many from taking it up. Reliance Foundry‘s bike lockers are a reliable, durable and secure solution that offers peace of mind to cyclists. The versatile, heavy-duty storage chambers are an ideal alternative to easily clippable chain locks, and a way to encourage more people to put down their car keys and pick up their bike helmets.

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“As cycling continues to grow as a form of transportation, we realized that many areas would require more security than traditional bike racks could offer,” said Reliance Foundry Product Manager Len Cranmore. “We decided to provide bike lockers that offer a level of security that would be ideal for areas like transportation stations, shopping malls, college campuses and recreation centers.”

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The R-8285 bike locker features a heavy-duty plastic construction that can withstand tampering and high impacts. Their tapered, triangular design allows them to be installed in rows or in a circular formation, depending on the site. Although they’re compact enough to conserve valuable sidewalk or parking lot space at workplaces, schools, apartment buildings and transportation hubs, they’re roomy enough to fit standard-size bikes, as well as electric bikes and mopeds.

Made of sturdy, low-density polyethylene, these bike lockers resist cracking and require almost no maintenance to keep their shape and color for at least 20 years. They’re also surprisingly lightweight considering their durability, and can be relocated and reinstalled as needed.

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