People are still talking about Felix Baumgartner’s incredible Stratos jump. OK, most of them are moms who will have to spend the next three months forbidding their daredevil children to jump off the roof, but still–it was pretty awesome. Something that awesome deserves to be preserved forever so we can enjoy it again and again, and what better way to commemorate a record-breaking feat than by recreating it with LEGO bricks?

It all starts as the parachute (the all important part of this death-defying act) is readied on the ground. The mood is tense, as all crew members know what’s at stake if their preparations fail. LEGO Felix Baumgartner steps into the capsule that will be his last connection with solid ground for the better part of an hour. As LEGO Baumgartner’s journey toward the heavens begins, people, houses, and roads all become small, then disappear. The excitement builds right along with the anxiety. Check out our gallery and the video above to see the jump – and the surprise ending!

Via Fast Co Design