Ever thought you could write with a plastic cup? Or store your pencils in an old tire? Welcome to Remarkable, a product design company where UK waste is recycled and made into fun, exciting & innovative products. In their Worcester-based factory, video cassettes become pencils and juice cartons become notepads, demonstrating a different (and very green) approach to both recycling and product design.

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Remarkable was started by Edward Douglas Miller in 1996, who was interested in the potential of UK recycled materials. Edward began by experimenting with plastic cups, trying to turn one plastic cup into a pencil. Why? Quite simply, because it had never been done before, and would prove that an everyday, throwaway item that would usually go straight to landfill could instead become something new, fun, and functional in its second lifetime.

Today Remarkable creates recycled items that are well-designed, withhold great quality, and are a joy to own. As well as their environmental credentials – all Remarkable products are made using only UK recycled materials. By highlighting what an item was in its previous life, the products illustrate an engaging history, and certainly generate a positive interest in recycling and environmental issues.

In the heart of Worcestershire, the Remarkable Factory is busy turning UK waste into something Remarkable! Visit the Remarkable website and get your hands on some of the products. For any city dwellers, I know for a fact that Remarkable products are on sale at London’s Science Museum.

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