In case you missed it – we’re doing a LIVE INTERVIEW TODAY with Tom Hicks of the USGBC, to discuss a brand new USGBC initiative to test and analyze the performance of ‘green buildings’. This is an extremely exciting BRAND NEW initiative from the USGBC, and Tom is leading the charge on establishing performance accountability for green buildings. For those of you who have ever thought to themselves: “LEED is all fine and good, but what happens to LEED-rated buildings after they are built and get their certification?” – make sure you join us in this Inhabitat Green Chat to find out more about this great new Building Performance Initiative from the USBGC.

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On top of driving a three-fold increase in LEED activity in just a few short years, Tom has taken international LEED participation from a base of 25 countries to more than 115 in just two years!  Our editor-in-chief Jill Fehrenbacher will be speaking with Tom about his latest strategic venture with the USGBC: the Building Performance Initiative.  Designed to bring ongoing accountability to LEED-certified structures, this initiative ensures buildings meet or exceed their performance goals on a wide range of energy and environmental considerations.  We can’t wait to see you there!

Join us TODAY, October 19 at 2:00pm EDT/11:00am PDT!