Flying cars aren’t quite ready to take to the roads (or in the skies) just yet, but a new remote-controlled car brings them one step closer to reality. The B RC Hybrid Car-Helicopter starts off scooting down the road, then lifts off into the air with the flick of a switch. The B transitions from air to ground seamlessly, providing possible inspiration for future vehicle design. Click through to see a video of the mini flying car in action.

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Designed by Witold Mielniczek, B is just toy size, but its land and air design can serve as inspiration for automobile developers everywhere. Its four oversized wheels are held on flexible rims, which enable the car to not only speed over any terrain, but also keep the wheels intact when transitioning from air to land – or crashing into obstacles.

But B was designed to not just be able to withstand speeding into obstacles, but also to have the ability to lift and fly right over them. Each of the four oversize wheels  has a 7-inch propeller radiating from its center. When flight mode is turned on, the wheels then propel the car vertically, like a helicopter. B also comes with an on-board camera, providing a first-hand view of the transition from road to flight. Once the prototype is funded, Mielniczek plans to create a solar-powered version of the flying car.

Aside from inspiring the future of vehicle design, B could also be used for exploratory purposes in disaster situations, as a durable and inexpensive method for navigating uneven terrain. Want to get your hands on a flying car of your own? You can snap one up from B’s Kickstarter campaign.

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