Energy-efficient LED light bulbs may be more expensive than CFL’s, but Sharp’s new DL-L60AV LED could be worth the high cost. The tricked-out bulb comes with a remote control that features a dimming function as well as the ability to select seven different shades of white… so your guests can never complain that they don’t like the ambiance.

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Installation of these high-tech LED light bulbs is easy. Simply hook up a series of the bulbs to a circuit, and use the accompanying remote control to create warm or cool lighting. At $40 for a non-adjustable LED bulb and $82 for a color-changing bulb, Sharp’s energy-efficient lighting doesn’t come cheap. But with a 40,000 hour life span, you won’t have to worry about replacing these bulbs for quite some time.

Sharp’s new bulbs ship out in Japan on July 15, 2009. No word on when (or whether) they’ll come to the U.S., but rest assured when we’ve seen the light, we’ll let you know.

Via Dvice